February 18, 2009

six weeks in advance

I swear to God. the only person I know who I don't have to plan 6 weeks ahead with is tcakes. maybe because we're dating and well that's what you do but seriously I don't know one female in my entire (and very small) circle who can pick up and go see a movie, get lunch, or take me up on a free makeover on Saturday.

granted, some of my small circle are married or married with babies or just babies and that's all understandable but what is going on with the rest of you? for real. we can hang out with your boyfriend or my boyfriend as long as I get to see you. I doesn't matter!!

here is my plan. I'm going to start calling you all more. and by more I mean actually call like I should have been doing for the past 5 years. and we'll have lunches on weekends and a cocktail in the evening. even if it's only for a half hour I need to see you gals.

beware.. I miss you. :)

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