February 18, 2009

on track.

I swear I'm going to get back on the healthy wagon. last year I had a goal, Vegas with holly. this year.. no such goal except looking better in a bathingsuit and getting healthy. I'm so tired of not fitting into ANYTHING I own and looking at my fat tuckas in the mirror and wishing there was a way to chop off anything that dimples.

alas.. there is not.

the worst part: I don't feel fat, I feel bigger. like there is extra skin that shouldn't be there. I can still see muscles, etc. so I'm hoping this will help.

the worstest part: I don't eat THAT bad. I mean I'll have a half a twix bar and some wine but really the stuff that goes into my body isn't too bad. except for the mac&cheese and guaco. no fast food, no real pop, I just don't understand.

it's most likely the working out. after the vegas trip I walked into the gym and the guy behind the counter was like, wow! haven't seen you in a while. and I was like, oh whatever.. I was here last week. and he was like, umm.. try two months.

OMG! this means I hadn't done any real exercise (and by real.. I mean no actual gain of strength exercise) in at least two if not three months.

anyway - if you're having trouble too.. check out sparkpeople.com it's pretty interesting.. anything to keep me away from the snacks.

I'm at 148 right now (gross). I want to be 130 soon, and eventually 125.

I can do this.


Megs said...

thanks for the encouragement :) its appreciated! today went better, talked to a patient actually which was scary, but i got my first one out of the way, so thats a step.

and i run a lot during the week, im training for a half marathon in may, so if you ever need a running buddy, im open! i run really slowly too btw, just so you know!

Ptoe - you know. said...

I would love to run sometime. My body wasn't born to be a runner but I'm planning on working my way up to at least a couple of miles. I've heard this is the only way to get nice leggies and that's my goal!! I'll let you know when I can make it on the treadmill for more than 15 minutes!! thanks for the comment!!