March 27, 2009

how awesome are you?

I have been extremely not interested in updating this blog. busy with work and worrying about my parents pretty much sums it up. also, I've been following a slew of other people's blogs and could be considered as a facebook addict but I have come to realize something. somethings.

1. myspace, facebook, twitter, bloggings etc is usually an outlet for people to boast themselves and brad about their worlds. this is fine. but I now understand that if I don't know you...I really don't care.

2. facebook has been a great outlet for me and many others to reconnect to long losts. but I only know about a quarter of the people that I am friends with on fbook. and out of that I probably really only care about a quarter of them.

3. I don't believe half of the stories that people write on their blogs. I decided to follow quite a few when I first started this stuff. but now, I just don't believe them. period.

4. or the stories just gross me out. I read yesterday that someone would burn the American flag for a million dollars. who says that?

either way. I think I'll retire the blog until I have something important I need to remember in the future, like getting married, buying a new car or having a baby. because other than that, it just doesn't matter. to me, what matters is just being happy and enjoying my laughs and hardships for what they are. even if they are boring to you.

March 3, 2009

bitter is not a good look

sorry about yesterday's post. I was feeling pretty bitter at the entire world and that truly isn't who I am. but I needed to vent and where else then the bloggity blog.

I am worried about my family but that shouldn't be excuse enough to forget about all the good stuff and how grateful I am for what we have.

my family will get through this, just as we have before and just as many families are doing right now.

my apologies. I'll try not to use fuck in my blog anymore either.

March 2, 2009

my dad just got laid off of work. typical for these times I know and I understand that this is happening to so many people right now. but I'm tired of my family getting the shit end of the stick. the accident, all of the storms and I'm tired of it.

my dad didn't make much money to begin with, and my poor mother works, is finishing a certificate and takes care of everything in the house. I don't know what they are going to do. my dad isn't even automotive related its just this bloody economy. there are plenty of factors of why my family's situation may get worse in the next months and I'm embarassed to go into it but my heart hurts for my mom. she takes the brunt of the shit that happens and deserves so much more. and i'm sick to death about what is going to happen to them. and I live so far away I can't even be there for support.

and I'm so sick of hearing people complain about planning vacations and weather and what car or business they want to buy or how many graduate degrees they have and how much money they have and want to spend on their weddings and how much they can't wait for blah blah blah. shut the fuck up. seriously shut up. appreciate things that aren't material and do some good for something other then yourself. shut the fuck up. maybe for once, mention how much you appreciate your parents, spouse, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend and anyone else who helped you get to this point and then just shut up.

I've only recently met people who are humble with money and I appreciate them beyond anyone I've ever met. they don't take life for granted and they appreciate their families. and it's refreshing.

this is it. i'm done listening and talking to you about your shit. if it doesn't have to do with improving your health, relationships, I don't want to hear it.