March 27, 2009

how awesome are you?

I have been extremely not interested in updating this blog. busy with work and worrying about my parents pretty much sums it up. also, I've been following a slew of other people's blogs and could be considered as a facebook addict but I have come to realize something. somethings.

1. myspace, facebook, twitter, bloggings etc is usually an outlet for people to boast themselves and brad about their worlds. this is fine. but I now understand that if I don't know you...I really don't care.

2. facebook has been a great outlet for me and many others to reconnect to long losts. but I only know about a quarter of the people that I am friends with on fbook. and out of that I probably really only care about a quarter of them.

3. I don't believe half of the stories that people write on their blogs. I decided to follow quite a few when I first started this stuff. but now, I just don't believe them. period.

4. or the stories just gross me out. I read yesterday that someone would burn the American flag for a million dollars. who says that?

either way. I think I'll retire the blog until I have something important I need to remember in the future, like getting married, buying a new car or having a baby. because other than that, it just doesn't matter. to me, what matters is just being happy and enjoying my laughs and hardships for what they are. even if they are boring to you.

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C ♥ said...

If I am so proud of it why do I keep changing it, I don't understand what you mean??? My blog title??? Or...something else??