December 21, 2009

Just verbin away

I've found a new hobby that has been very good at keeping my creativity flowing, I find that isn't always the case at work so I have to do it some where. I think I'll start posting my new hobby of recycling wool here, with the other tid bits of life and lessons learned.


Christina J. said...

I'm curious to see the projects you are making with recycled wool. My mom has been making purses with recycled sweaters. Have you seen Betz White's blog? She does a lot of wool projects.

Ptoe - you know. said...

Hi! No I haven't seen this site but will check it out! I love to see other wool projects, I like to try any project at least once! Thanks for the link. I will hopefully write a couple of posts over the weekend and add some pictures - although I'm not promising much! :)