February 1, 2010

Blue stocking & blue sweater

Hi! So I've been working and taking classes again - this semester it's 2 instead of just one at night. It's not much of a load for most but for me, it is an adjustment. The homework and keeping things organized is a lot.

I've been really lucky the past few semesters taking one class at a time, the professor usually doesn't give much homework or your occasional faculty strike that gives me only 10 weeks instead of 14 per semester. Not so lucky this time, which is fine - I like a challenge and I need to graduate - this life long undergrad degree is killing me. I'm going to be 27 for god sakes. If my plan goes as I hope it should, I'll be finished in December!!

Plus, like I said it's not that much of a load. I know a girl who just graduated from my program who had a full time job, a 1 year old, a husband, was pregnant and had a FULL CLASS LOAD! She's alive and well. If she can handle all that and not pull her hair out - I should be able to manage ok. :)

Unfortunaltey this takes away from any crafting that I was doing to cope with stress, I may have to work that in the schedule on the weekends. Luckily - I completed a lot of projects before this semester started so I can start my little bloggy blog back up with some fun pictures to boot!

So I purchased this beautiful sweater from Resweater's shop- one of the blogs I try to stalk a lot. It was huge and colorful with a navy back. I had so many fun things planned for this but decided to make some stockings! It was Christmas time and tcakes didn't have a Christmas stocking so now we'll have matching stockings for next Christmas.

The original sweater had a zipper down the middle. It was a mens Large and felted really well. I cut the stockings from the chest of the sweater along the seam which gave me one less side to sew. The toe part of the stocking is actually the shoulder of the sweater! With the left overs, I made a pair of mittens for my friend Eve. Turned out pretty well, I think!

Note: I do not have a sewing machine in my teeny tiny little apartment so everything is sewn by hand which takes FOREVER! Even if I could afford money and space for a machine, I don't know how to use one at all!! Something else I will learn to do in this life though - I promise you that :)

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