February 10, 2010


Before Christmas I was getting ideas for projects from the Martha Stewart magazine. In one of them she used a tool, the Knitwit, to add beautiful delicate flowers to hats, pillows and scarves. I was so impressed (though I should know that my talent cannot reflect hers). I decided that I too would add beautiful flowers to my pillows and scarves etc. I ordered the knit wit and found out that her article was such a hit it may take weeks and weeks to actually receive my little kit.

After two months, I finally got the tool - I've only used it a couple of times because it's actually very difficult to create these little flowers. With practice I think I can master it though :) Here are a couple of exampes. The flash is so bright but you get the idea :)

Also, with your order you get the pompom makers. Cute additions to slippers or mittens or hats! Here is an example of those:

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