February 26, 2009

o.m.g. I'm 25.

I turned 25 in November...

and it's just now hitting me.

believe me, I don't feel like 25 is old and can only imagine if my friends over 25 read this, "you're only 25, shut up, wait until you're 34..etc", but I can't help it.

I dated a guy when I was 18 and at the time he was 24 (he was a complete db) and I was totally head over heels for him. of course it's not until now, sooo many years later I know what true and real head over heels feels like...

the ONLY thing he said that I respect in anyway now is that I should appreciate things at that time in my life because it won't always be that way and he was right. At 18, I never thought I'd not be a workout queen and a slave to the gym, I never thought my roots would grow out and I'd not have the funds to get them fixed professionally, I never thought my stomach would not be flat and my ass would not be huge, I never thought that I couldn't trust things like boys, the government, infomercials and the general population. I look back now and really appreciate my size 4's, being naive and not having a rent or car payment.

Although I would never trade my life for what it is now, believe me I have it pretty good and overall am very happy. Reflection is a great form of appreciation and makes me thankful for what I had then, and what I have now - even if it's a size 8.

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