February 6, 2009

new apartment. new apartment. new apartment.

I love it. my new apartment is the greatest place for me right now. I'm extremely close to work, getting good rest at night, it's warm and safe and totally cute. pictures will be posted soon and a special thanks to mom and tcakes for whom I owe it all. so proud of us.

I'll have to die in the new apartment because moving was a real b-word. it was just two of us, 24 degrees freezing. by 2pm my arms literally stopped working. tcakes back was about to give out. next time I'm not putting all of my eggs in one basket and will ask plenty of people so I don't get let down again AND I will never move in the winter again, what a stupid thing to do. live and learn I guess.

t and I have some great events to look forward to though. we're going to meet his dad in Toledo tonight to see bye bye birdie, which I've never seen before. t was less than excited because it's a musical but I'm totally game. Mr. W is quite a dad and such a good man. mom always says to make sure you like their father - that's who they'll grow up to be. probably same for daughters and moms. :)

next Wednesday we're going to another Pistons game compliments of my friend Brian who now ski's on Wednesday nights and can't use those season tickets. I owe him a beer for sure.

February 27 is tcakes birthday celebration. his birthday is the first week of March so we'll celebrate a little early. even though I'm on a spending money lock down, I've come up with a couple of great things to do for him and luckily he's into a lot of things so it makes it easier for me.

then in March, back to the big apple with the W's. what a great family, I feel so grateful that I was asked again. that will have to be a post in itself.

then after that housewarming parties. it's a small place so I'll have to do a couple of people at a time. can't wait!

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