January 13, 2009

you're my best friend

To start this bloggyblog I figure I should give a shizzle to those I consider to be my bffff's. No need to name names but you know who you are.

I don't use the terms best friend often because it takes a special person.

In case you need clarification my definition of a best friend is someone who would do the following: pick up the phone or call back even if we haven't talked in years, let me invite myself over for dinner or in desperate measures -the weekend, listen to me cry, listen to me vent, give me honest advice when I ask for it and know when to give it when I don't, listen to me talk about pee and poop, tell me stories about pee and poop, meet me at the bar and not leave until it closes, makes me feel comfortable to talk about anything, call me 25 times after I claim an emergency, sit on the couch all day Saturday and truly enjoy it, get drunk with me on Christmas, understand that I have duggie touretts, respect the fact that I love doggies and point them out on the street for me to see, take care of me when I drink too much, help me move to a new apartment, forgives me when I make the same mistake twice, sets me up with an amazing boyfriend, remembers my birthday, sends me texts to say hello and make sure I'm okay, lets me visit just to play with the baby, gives me a cat, lets me bring my cat to their house, plays chubby bunny in the car in a parking lot, puts up with me when I take a while to call back, lets me hang up when I'm grouchy and call right back to apologize and someone who knows that I would do any of these things and more for them.

To those of you who know what I'm talking about, I heart you a lot. Just thought you should know.

And the blogging begins.

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