January 15, 2009

and that's the best part...

the days that I know I have something fun to do in the evening go by way too slow. and then the fun part always goes by way too fast. I'm working on a way to change this and hopefully one day will be able to help everyone enjoy the fun time more and the slow time will go by faster.

this is certainly true today. no big plans, but I'm meeting tcakes for dinner after my doctors appointment. I adore my friends and get the same excited feeling when there is a girls night or meeting one of you out for a drinkie, but it's just a different feeling when it comes to him.

ya'll know what I'm talking about.

tcakes is the best guy I've ever dated. I trust him and feel 100% myself with him and know that he cares about me too. gushing stops, you can stop throwing up now.

anyway, I think it just took me a while to really know what I'm worth, too. which comes with age (blah) and experience. girls, gals and women can be just as ridiculous as boys, guys and men when it comes to dating. we all make mistakes, maybe more than once, and have to learn from it.

tcakes has given me a new attitude to dating and not being scared to give it your all, just knowing that the other person is doing the same makes everything, well.. right.

all I know now is that I'm really happy, and that's the best part.

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