January 14, 2009

february brings change

In February 2009, we will have a new President. Although, I'm unhappy with the choice many Americans made. I hope that this new change in the white house will bring change to the way the United States in a whole, lives and thinks. It may take 4 years to realize a mistake or possibly it may take 4 years to realize our potential. Who knows.

I will be living in a new apartment. I couldn't be more excited to move out of the current complex. It's drafty and dingy plus I have terrible neighbors right now. This change will be a very positive one for me. I'll be closer to work and to the boyfriend and much happier I am sure.

I feel changes happening at work as well. I'm unaware of these changes in detail but I feel something is going on and I hope that whatever this change may be that it is something to help the environment and business.

Along with these changes, I hope to begin a workout schedule as well. Once tcakes, the boyfriend, moves from his apartment we've agreed that we'll workout together more, cook at home more and I really think this will bring us closer together as well as get me healthy again.

February will also be closer to the end of this current winter semester in school. My current class, Career Development, is good so far. It will be some writing and self discovery which will help me articulate my career path as well as help me understand the career paths of others. One class a semester doesn't seem like much to many. Working and school and relationships and sleep can be difficult to juggle so what may seem like a small accomplishment to you, is a huge accomplishment for me.

Although it's cold, February also brings a bit of change to the Michigan weather. January is so dreary and gray. It won't change much but again it's closer to March and April which will begin the slow and steady thaw.

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