January 16, 2009

threeve day weekends never hurt anybody..

threeve days off. hooray. thanks MLKJR. mucho appreciated.

I'm pretty excited about the weekend + monday timeline here. tonight I'll go to tcakes house with cat in hand (kc loves him, a lot, sometimes more than me...). the schedule includes some wine and romantic stuff and I've been looking forward to it for days now. :)

then tomorrow morning we're heading down to cleveland, oh - for a chrissy's birthday. then sunday is my niece's 5th birthday party at my sisters house! usually these family events are fun and it's nice to catch up.

and finally, MLKJR's day. in honor of MLKJR, I think I'll do some packing, maybe take some pictures of stuff I need to get rid of before I move. I'm moving from a 2bed2bath 1000sqft apartment to a 469sqft studio apartment. my 50 pairs of shoes are not going to fit in my little closet. if you're interested in my good but can't fit them in my place stuff, let me know. Normally I would just give it away but in my time of need I'm going to do my best to sell it. I'll post the pics here too. please consider my need for wine and cat food. :)

I do have a question for any of you out there who have used vinyl wall decorations - have you used them? are they complicated? is it hard to take them off? any advice you have - I'll take. seriously.

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