January 29, 2009

car trouble...to say the least

I started this blog to keep up with the happenings but i've been busy.. letmetellyouwhat.

seriously, I'm not sure how many more bumps I can take this week. this move is going to be expensive, I know this. I planned for this. but not like this.

thank goodness I have people who will listen and support me. I'm not sure where I'd be this week without tcakes, a couple of the girls at work, my mother and of course holla. thanks for being there for me. you have no idea!

so 2006, I own an old Ford taurus (deloris) that was given to me by my uncle when I was rear ended by a drunk driver in 2004. the car wasn't bad, very low miles, pretty good upkeep and best of all NO PAYMENT but still needed a lot of work, all the time. so when I started at Bentley I figured it was time that I got a better car, it was my first real full time job and I kept putting money into deloris so why not put that money towards a more dependable, safer vehicle. working for VWoA made me decide on the Audi.

don't get me wrong, I love my little car. it's not too slow, not too fast, I like the way it looks, I like the inside, I feel safe in it with the 4-wheel drive, but I'm done. It was CPO'ed in 2003 which means the dealer checked it out and everything was up to Audi standards.

I guess it's just my bad luck, that car is always up to something. yesterday (of all weeks) I see a little smoke come out of the hood and figure no big deal it's probably some oil burning off. get in my car to go home last night and the coolant light came on. I always worry about my car. I'm an unmarried female living alone in the greater Detroit metro area and have been stranded a few times with friends or alone on highways or freeways and it isn't safe and it's freaking scary. so I'm a little anal about the condition of my car. I called the dealer last night (they know me now by caller id I think) and they said it's probably a good idea to bring it in just in case there is a coolant leak.


to avoid being late to work for car problems, I got up really early and went straight to the dealer. sit there for 20 minutes and BAM! $400 to fix the coolant leak, the water pump and an oil leak.

this wouldn't be a big deal except for the fact that I've been in service department way too many times. mainly cosmetic fixes and speakers which in the long run will help me sell the beast and some of my neurotic idea that if I don't take it in I'm going to get stranded. but I was just there, I just paid for a loaner car's spare tire that blew on Southfield freeway when I went to see tcakes, and I was just there paying for little knobs and switches that needed to be replaced before my CPO is up in February. now this.


and the move this weekend, which isn't cheap either. I just wish these things could space themselves out a bit. but alas, it happens and you deal. no new rugs or furniture for my fun new place yet. it will have to wait.

louisville is under a sheet of ice. I feel so bad for my parents. they don't have heat or electricity. my mom has been trying to keep the fireplace going to keep one of the rooms warmer. they slept with two down comforters and one wool Army blanket that my Grandma ganked in the 1950's (they don't make blankets like that anymore), and three cats. so they're warm, I just feel bad. it snowed here again. I love the snow. I just wish winter would lock it up about mid-january. that would be nice. it's just very calming if you're outside at night and it's cold. so cold that sounds seem to freeze. I really love walking through the woods after a good snow. there aren't many wooded areas in metro motor city, that's for sure.

work has been really busy too which is good but I have a lot of 9:00pm calls during the recruiting seasons and that's getting tough to live life around. summer recruiting is finished in mid-february and full time won't start until august so it's almost over. then being at work an hour early to greet interviewees just makes for a tired ptoe. you know.

as much as I may complain about work or people I work with. the girls/admin are starting to grow closer together. I'm not sure if it's because coco (I feel really bad for her, and feel even worse because at first I didn't feel as bad. shame on me. it's a tough economy and no one deserves what she got no matter how many times we bumped heads) is leaving but we've started to stick up for each other and I think as long as we just talk things out between us that life here won't be so dramatic. little offices/departments tend to get a little catty. but I am going to try to be better about it. that's all I can do. head down and focus.

tcakes and I went to see some friends this weekend in DuckLakeMI, which is a beautiful place if you like water and gravel roads. I happen to love the water and only wish I could buy their on the lake property. I promise if I could afford to drive to and from work, I would have bought your home!! we went to the union and drank wine and martinis and ate delicious food, played wii and played with little p. I adore little p. he is the baby that made me fall in love with the idea of having babies. for a while there, I wasn't sure if I'd ever have the opportunity to have babies. after meeting little p, I know that I want to and know that I'm meant to be a mommy. of course, I adore his parents too and that makes me adore little p even more, knowing what a good person he will be b/c of who is raising him. so cute :)

well I feel better about the car, this is life right now and as tcakes told me in between sobs this morning...it will be better next week. plus I can't wait for the new apartment!!

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